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Meditating on Relevant Aspects of an Ideological Interface In approaching the Augustan Imperial Ideology I examine at first the prospective idea of an empire related to an image of the cosmos. I intend to follow the thin, yet nevertheless very real at least in my opinion thread of evidence that links the idea of a world empire and that of a world ruler in Augustus times and respectively Alexander s vocation of world ruler. Whatever the general retrospective idea of World Empire in the broad panorama of our western civilization is, it is obvious that the first European who put it into practice was King Alexander III of Macedon, also known to posterity as Alexander the Great.


Camera The following report is strictly connected to studies for introducing certain actions useful to effort the problem of urban traffic pollution. Technologies are today available to reduce traffic pollution and it is possible to verify effectiveness during the implementation. On the other hand it is not always possible to verify effectiveness of these measures on the citizen customs and quality of life. Frequently policies aiming to limit environmental risk are viewed by citizens as an insupportable coercion.

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